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Permits & Codes
Any permit or code questions should be directed to Susquehanna County Council of Governments at: 570.465.7644.

The following ordinances are repealed and/or updated:
Garbage Ordiance
Floodplain Ordiance
Snow Parking Ordinance
Refuse Ordinance
Roadway Infrastructure Ordinance
Repealed Sidewalk Ordinance
Repealed Sidewalk Ordinance #2
Repealed Trailer Ordinance
Curfew Ordinance
Secretary/Treasurer Ordinance
Commonwealth Telephone Ordinance
Zoning Ordiance

Frequently Asked Questions about Permits

  • When do I need a permit for construction or renovations?
    • One should contact COG before any construction project is begun. They will be able to determine specific needs for each project.
  • What is the fee schedule for permits?
    • Permit fees are 1% of the total construction cost.
    • Requisite inspections are $25.00 each. There are to be no more than five inspections and no fewer than one for each project.

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